Stars' End

Warden: Warden GIllon Both

A highly secure prison facility controlled by CSA, for profit.

Mytus is located in Wild Space and kept separate from the Corporate Sector for political reason, as well as truthful denials about it’s existence being in Imperial or CSA space.

Stars’ End serves as a destination for hardened criminals, political prisoners, and anyone who sufficiently angers the Corporate Sector Authority. The prison is a massive tower holding thousands of stasis booths — prisoner’s cells, keeping them silent and frozen in time, a handy way to prevent riots and escape attempts. In addition, Stars’ End possesses formidible defenses ranging from turbolaser batteries to an on-station Marauder Class corvette.

It’s a good thing it takes 3-5 days to prep stasis pods…

Recently, the prison is in terrible shape, after a successful escape tarnished it’s already tarnished reputation, The last of it’s status was crushed by the Inquisitor who removed the stations computer core during the following investigation. The CSA is considering shutting down the facility, having removed the live prison population, and debating what to do with those who are left in CRYO.

Stars' End

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