Ord Gimmel

Light Gravity (Add ONE BOOST to any Brawn-based checks [except Resilience] and Coordination checks)

Background: Located at the junction between the Ado Spine and the Senex Trace, Ord Gimmel is an important trade hub in the Western Reaches. It’s also a common stop for travelers cutting between the Corellian Trade Spine and the Rimma Trade Routh through the Senex Sector.

It is a unique location for very specialized high-tech manufacturing. THe lighter than normal gravity allow factories with accomplish engineering feats that usually require expensive orbital Manufacturing stations. The planet was once one of the top hyperdrive component manufacturers in region.

A little more than a year ago, the planet’s ruler, Queen Nahanna went missing mysteriously. Her rightful hair Ebrahi is too young to rule. Currently Acting Regent Credi Solfinn has stopped others from usurping her throne. Her sister Meilarra (who is allied with the Empire) desires to rule until Ebrahi comes of age. Another candidate is Geit Chambell, who claims his ancestry traces back 3 generations and he should be ruler. The Rebel Alliance Supports Salana, a young local girl with no royal blood who has emerged as a popular resistance leader.

Currently the planet is under increasing violence as each side vies for control. Frequent skirmishes quickly rise and fall away.

Ord Gimmel

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