Valara Skye

Nerf Herder with a secret


Career: Guardian Specialization: Soresu Defender Height: 5'7" Weight: 115 lbs Race: Human Distinguishing features: Hungry. Lean and strong.


Valara spent her youth in Corvala, capital of Shili, as a child living a life of learning and games. Her few clear memories as a child involved playing among fields at a park with her “bestest friend in the whole universe” a boy named Jacob. When not at school. They played as children do, being captains of the Hydian Way. They would dole out shipping manifests, and tax trade routes and map the dangers of the hyperlanes so it was safer for everyone. Schooling was done in an ornate building filled with history, left untouched by the Clone Wars, but not by some the materials imposed by COMPNOR. As an adult, reality changed that dream to one of a nerf herder on far end Shili, far away from the cities and parks of her youth. It was a quiet life considering the Imperial blockade and the military occupation within the major cities, creeping closer every season. Much of her luck avoiding the surrounding danger came from her remarkable intuition. Sensing if her herd was going to be attacked, and knowing where to relocate to avoid engagements. She was able to live life without the cost of war taxing her personally.

Valara Skye

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