Tarc Jakkar

What doesn't kill him only makes him stronger


A silver tongued elite, Tarc Jakkar is at ease in any situation. Often relaxed, his calm manner and tendency to make direct eye contact leave the impression of an intent listener. Unknowingly he is often steering any situation to his own goals. He has green eyes, and brown hair, and stands just under six feet tall. He’s about 210 pounds and is often in a black turtleneck.


The architect of a plan so crazy that it captured a Hutt and moved him to the top of the Black Sun.

Takkar moved to Bacrana 6 years ago, and he put in his time. He ran a long con against Imperial Intelligence, setting up the system government to now be a Black Sun operative using their help. This secured Bacrana as the stronghold of trafficking without the notice of the Imperial Navy as a greater whole. His only hiccup was a man named Roark, who sold him the moon and at the cost of no small amount of credits. His hunt for the salesman was cut short when he was killed by a Starship, while meeting with his contacts in government.

Tarc Jakkar

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