An R2 unit, Red with Gold Highlights


Career: Engineer
Specialization: Saboteur
Height: 3’7"
Weight: 110 lbs
Race: Droid
Distinguishing features: Red Body, with gold detailing. Mid-clone wars vintage.


R2-C4 is a specialized droid outfitted for intelligence gathering and resource denial missions for the Rebellion. Is currently assigned to work with Naraana Vrei.

R2-C4 was found on Indupa by Ian Merknor. C4 has become adept as a saboteur during their career together. It was R2-C4 that suggested Naraana Vrei work under Merknor due to her skill decoding imperial signals gaining the notice of Signals Core Intelligence.

Merknor sent C4 and Naraana Vrei to investigate and gather data after some strange signals traffic on Reltooine suggesting the involvement of the Black Sun in something called Project: Sentinel. The transmission was in an Imperial code.


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