Naraana Vrei

Rebel Spy.


Career: Spy
Specialization: Slicer
Height: 5’ 5"
Weight: 115 lbs
Race: Twi’lek
Distinguishing features: Left Lekku is cleanly sliced into a stump. Right Lekku is shoulder length She has burns along the left side of her body. Her left leg is damaged she has a bit of a limp, and wears a brace to minimize lose of movement. She frequently flexes her left hand to keep it from locking. If at a terminal there is no doubt that it is her natural environment.


Born in poverty on Ryloth, Naraana was sold off as a slave and dancer on a coreward bound transport along with several other Twi'lek girls. Forming a shoddy plan with the promise of "My brother is going to come to save us!" an attempt was made to escape. The failure resulted in over half the girls dying and many others were severely injured, including Naraana. The promised liberation never came.

As an early teenager, she found her way to the deep levels on Coruscant. With no worth as a dancer, her aptitude with computers, intellect, curiosity and ability to solve a puzzle made her talent slicing obvious. After many close calls with the forces of the Black Sun, and the harsh hand of the Empire, she found her way out of the core and at the suggestion of an ally, she found her way to the Alliance. Not to the freedom fighters, and the idealists, but with her kin. While at training, Naraana failed out of combat field work, and was moved into the Ministry of State. The exact wrong place at the exact right time. A simple signal fluctuation as she submitted a dictated report. Her frustration with what she thought to be poor infrastructure gave way to her curiosity as everything was running optimally. The discovery secret imperial signal, and it’s resulting decryption lead to her immediate arrest. Perhaps mid day was a bad time to be found slicing into the backend systems in the middle of the secretarial pool. It didn’t help that everyone there smiled more than Naarana, and would say things like “I feel like I can take on the whole Empire today”;. The resulting investigation lead to her sponsorship by Commander Ian Merknor and selection to selection to Signals Core Intelligence. Naraana was partnered with R2-C4 after the completion of her training.

Merknor sent C4 and Naraana Vrei to investigate and gather data after some strange signals traffic on Reltooine suggesting the involvement of the Black Sun in something called Project: Sentinel. The transmission was in an Imperial code.

Naraana Vrei

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