Corran Costi

Human Scoundrel


Corran Costi has always has always maintained his noble stature, though his effort in maintaining that is obvious. He has modified his prison uniform to include a very crude cape that reflects how hard he tries.

Now that he has escaped clothes have reflected his upbringing. His capes now are within seasonal fashion, and his clothes made of more exotic materials.


Shipping magnate who controlled a majority stake in the Mid-Rim Shipping Company, he was the one who lost the most after the death of Gal Borowik by the hands of the Empire. He was also betrayed by Roark, who tipped the police to his location, starting a chain of events that got him locked up in Stars’ End. He works with Gorda the Hutt securing a new “shipping Empire”. If only he could get access to the people responsible.

Now that he has escaped he is pushing his considerable influence into the formation of the TRANSHYDIAN SHIPPING COMPANY. It is only a matter of time before the venture started with Roark catches the eye of Gorda The Hutt

Corran Costi

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