Admiral Kam Vinderhook



Height: 6’1"
Eyes: Steel Blue
Hair: White, with blonde tones
Weight: 240 lbs

Though his record often shows an image from the Admiral’s youth, featuring a square jaw, and set shoulders, time has added a softness to his chin, and belly that starts to hang over his belt. His shoulders are no less square and his posture is no less rigid, even with the added heft. His skin is heavily pocked with acne scars not present in his service photo.


Vinderhook’s career has been quite impressive. Rising fast and always taking on responsibilities outside the scope of his rank, he moved up quickly after command training. His entry to special projects was declared a boon to the program, and reviews declared him a “team asset”. After the incident on Arbrathat during his years as a Commander should have frozen his career, he shook of the black mark on his record. He is now an Admiral of commands a fleet of 12 Star Destroyers. Considering his history with special projects, the system is not listed on record.

Admiral Kam Vinderhook

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