Located in the Expansion region of the Corellian Run Hyperlane, this system’s location was crucial to the Empire. It was also the reason it was an involved in an unending amount of controversy. The planet Bacrana is surrounded by a giant space station known as “The Ring” by locals. The planet itself serves as a giant “Container World” which was used to store a massive surplus of siege weapons and parts for the fleet. Because of this, sections of the surface align in a grid that is visible from space.


  • The Ring: This station was a hotbed of illicit activity. It’s sections were each in a varying degree of decay. While called The Ring, the project was only 60% complete before being sealed and run in it’s current state.
    • The Red Light: Hotbed of illegal activity, with casinos, cantinas, street races that would often bleed through the super structure of the station and into other areas of The Ring.
    • The Government Sector: Isolated section of government offices.
    • The Slums: The best place to hide anyone. This was adjacent to the Red Light and was where many of the planetary and contract staging officers lived. Mostly a collection of favelas and stacked spaces, this section was mostly safe, but always nearly dilapidated from it’s many temporary repairs.
    • The Naval Section: Mostly a series of bars for those who are off-duty and a staging area for those deploying to the many ships kept in system.
    • The Gardens: While it a refuge for the wealthiest of Bacrana, this section houses some of the biggest criminals and opportunists.

*The Imperial Staging Area

  • The Fleet: This is what remains of the 65 ships originally stationed in-system. Now less than ten remain in the aftermath of the Bacrana Incident.
  • The Devastator Memorial: To Brianna Salligan, and the brave crew of the Devasator who lost their lives after their ship was destroyed in the Bacrana Incident


This planet has always been a hotbed of activity. A significant Imperial Force was deployed in the aftermath of The Battle of Yavin, to allow for a forceful response to any rebel stronghold found along the Corellian Run. The location and deep-rooted corruption that existed within the system made this impossible. The Black Sun quickly made ties with Imperial Intelligence, to regain control of The Ring. Gorda The Hutt was the reigning crimelord on the station, needing the station as a staging point for his large Rill Spice operation, as this was the best connection from Hutt Space to his clients within the Core Worlds. An operation was devised to infiltrate the Hutt’s organization, and destroy it. The operation was a success, both capturing the Hutt and dismantling the MidRim Shipping.

The “Bacrana Incident” was a major blow to Imperial operations. After many successful rebel attacks established the frequent use of Gravity Interdiction as a countermeasure, a trap was set. Six ships loaded with Stellar Material were fired at The Ring. Each quickly destroyed by TIE Ace Squadrons and spilling their cargo. The incredibly dense material’s purpose was not discovered quickly enough to prevent the ISS Devastator from activating it’s gravity well generators. The Interdiction Field attracted all of the ultra-dense material, instantly destroying the ship with all hands on deck. The resulting release of gravity acted as a shrapnel mine, causing massive devastation to the fleet, The Ring and burying a large portion of the material deep into the planets surface.

In the wake of the attack, the planetary governor was found murdered, along with Tarc Jakkar and Priscilla Morel (an Imperial Intelligence Agent) when their building was attacked by a HWK-290 expertly piloted through the super structure of the station. The ship was found crashed into the Union Building less than a mile from the attack.

The resulting investigation uncovered ties between The Black Sun and the local government.

Recently the Empire has a massive project to reclaim all the Stellar Material that was used in the attack. massive mining stations have been deployed across the surface.

The Ring itself has undergone a massive repair effort after the attack. Often you can see the glittering of torches as new structures and panels are installed to replace what was destroyed.

a swirl of debris is locked in place where the Devastator was located. The gravity well creating a spacial disturbance that ships take care to avoid.


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