Warden Gillon Both

Stars' End Warden - Ithorian


Ithorian with a Lisp.


After the escape two years ago, forced him into the job running Stars’ End, Gillion wants nothing more than a quiet facility. He ignores a lot to gain this, which matters little now that everyone knows that this place is here. He has political ambitions after all, and 6 more months with no problems should get him back into the Corporate Sector. His right hand man is Sargent Breil. His hope was that the Holocron, that wound up in his prison would be the item of value that would allow him to buy his was back into government. After the empire dispatched a messenger to personally retrieve the item, he knew it was enough to gain him entry back onto the board.

His ambitions were not enough to stop Kith the Assassin, from burying her knife into his chest during the ESCAPE FROM STARS’ END Part II

Warden Gillon Both

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