Roark Limos

The Best Salesman this side of Coruscant.


Career: Colonist
Specialization: Entrepreneur
Age: 35
Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 180 lbs
Race: Human
Home World: Coruscant

Distinguishing features:

Charming Jawline


Drax – Sabbacc Player- Coruscant
Jate Stalton, Proprietor – Corellia
Sandra Collee, Cantina/Parlor Owner – Coruscant
Jacen Don, Merchant

Famous Quotes:

“You know what most miserable people in the universe have common? They all got a great deal.”

“If I’m closing a deal you need to shut your mouth. He who talks first loses.”

“There’s not telling the length I’ll go to make a deal. I once was jettisoned in to space to save a few credits.”


A man of many talents, Roark has devolved into a cheating, sleazy, outer-rim “businessman”. Willing to sell out enemies and allies alike (he wouldn’t dare sell his own mother though) for a few credits, he has few scruples when it comes to making a deal.

Roark is the sole owner of the Trans-Hydian Shipping Company.

Roark Limos

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