Sien and Fiev Kyak

Sullustan brothers who run SoroSuub on Ord Gimmel


It is nearly impossible to tell each one apart when they are together. They use this to their advantage whenever they negotiate.


The Kyaks moved to Ord Gimmel to shore up operations of the factories on the planet. After the battle of Yavin they started working with select members of SoroSuub to secretly funnel weapons to the Alliance. Eventually repurposing an older factory on the planet to launch secure operations around this area and to ship needed supplies along the route to other systems on the Corellian Run.

They are indebted to Salana who saved their lives when a friendly wager almost got them locked away when they antagonized a drunken Imperial Officer, who proceeded to beat on them. Salana fought him off and they have helped her ever since.

The brothers have provided Salana with an abandoned factory to use as a headquarters and supply her with arms and advisors.

Sien and Fiev Kyak

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