Commander Ian Merknor

Alliance Intelligence Commander


An older gentlemen with a distinguished posture, suggesting previous Imperial Navy service. He tends to stare into the “middle distance” when not talking, often processing a lot of information before he speaks. He is often tending to a collection of Arbrathat minnows when in his office, talking softly to them.

He has owned R2-C4 for over 15 years and he is Naraana Vreicommanding officer.


Merknor is one of the founding members of Alliance Intelligence, though he does not have a seat at the highest levels of command. One of the founders of Signals Core Intelligence., often identifying new recruits, such as Naraana Vrei and training them for Alliance Intelligence field work, working with them personally as they develop the skills needed to succeed. He often relays stories of the Jedi and the Old Republic, and the ideals that have all but disappeared from the galaxy.

He often sets a wide net for what he considers mission success.

Commander Ian Merknor

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